Made in Italy

High quality materials

Our belief

We pride ourselves on being a 100% made in Italy company, from the tanning of the leather, in a place called Santa Croce, just outside of Florence, to the hand made manufacturing of all of our products. We love to support all of our small Italian businesses and for us this begins with working with them. Buy Italian!

Buy quality!

High quality materials and attention to details

This is what makes our products really stand out from the crowd and respect the Italian craftsmanship.

The excellence of our products is a result of our traditional craftsmanship and modern day designs. Quality but also practicality.

Our aim is to produce items which can be used everyday, for work or for leisure.

Respect for the environment with Vegetable tanning

Santa Croce is the place where our products start to take life, respecting the environment and using only vegetable tanning processes.

Above you can see the handmade process that goes into tanning the leather.

Vegetable tanning uses only natural substances, the tannins in the leather are what give it its unique quality, spectacular colours and finish. Our ancient art gives us high quality and also respects the environment.

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