With so many different options it's not easy to know which one is the best right? Here we will explain the pro's and con's of different leather types and explain what is the best Italian leather.

Let's start with the soft lamb skin leather, this is that butter soft leather to the touch that you just can't resist! The pro's of lamb skin leather are definitely that it is the most light weight and flexible leather, bags made out of lamb skin leather are very supple and the lamb skin leather doesn't scratch easily. Con's of lamb skin leather is that it is by far the most delicate leather type and not as easy to clean as thicker leathers.

Next the pebbled leather, usually made from deer skin, the pebbled leather has a lot of pro's, this leather is soft, very hardwearing and doesn't scratch, it can be easily cleaned and with the right care a bag made from this soft deer leather will last for years! So the con's of deer leather, well there aren't many, this leather is so versatile, however if you are looking for a bag to carry a lot of weight you may want to go for a thicker quality leather (like the buffalo leather) for a longer durability. 

Calf leather, this leather if often used to make duffel bags and briefcases as the leather is thick and hardwearing, the pro's of the calf leather are definitely it's elegant look, durability and it's such an easy leather to look after. The con's of the calf leather are that the leather can scratch, however this problem can be easily fixed using a neutral leather cream to polish any scratches out of the leather.

So by far the most durable Italian leather is the buffalo leather, the pro's of the buffalo leather are that it is definitely the thickest of all Italian leather, that's why this kind of leather is perfect if your looking for a professional bag or leather travel luggage as its so durable, the buffalo leather ages beautifully (you could almost say any bag in buffalo leather is nicer when the leather ages than when it's new!), the buffalo leather has a very sophisticated finish, which makes any bag from this kind of leather look expensive and smart. The con's of the buffalo leather (there aren't many!), are that the leather can scratch quite easily (some would say this adds charm to the bag), however this con can be easily resolved polishing the buffalo leather with a neutral leather cream, for more information on how to clean Italian leather, please check out our blog post


So what is the best Italian leather? I think that really depends on what sort of item you are looking to purchase, if you want a beautiful soft leather handbag, the lamb or pebbled leather are perfect, if you are looking to invest in a new professional bag, briefcase or leather travel bag, then the calf leather or buffalo leather would definitely be your best option! Now you can purchase Italian leather which is right for your needs, all Italian leather is the best, they are just the best for different things. 

Here at Mary's Shop Sorrento, all our leather is naturally vegetable dyed leather, handmade by Italian craftsmen, we use a variety of different kinds of leather depending on the product we are making. You can browse all of our products here.

When you buy Italian leather you buy years of craftsmanship and quality.

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