So this is definitely the question we get the most, and it's a great one! With a little love and care a good quality Italian leather bag can last for years! So how to clean Italian leather? Here's how depending on the leather type.


Soft pebbled leather De Martino handbag

Let's start with soft pebbled leather, definitely one of the most common and durable types of leather, this leather is typically used to make ladies handbags as it's very hardwearing, it doesn't scratch easily and it's so easy to look after. If the bag you buy is a good quality Italian leather, it will most probably have a waterproof treatment incorporated into the leather, which means that cleaning it is super simple, all you need to do is use a clean damp cloth and gently wipe the leather off, this will remove any little marks made from regularly using the leather and keep the bag in great condition.


De Martino buffalo leather briefcase

Buffalo leather is definitely the thickest, hardest and most hardwearing leather, closely followed by calf leather. Both the buffalo and calf leathers are commonly used to make briefcases, travel bags and backpacks because with the right care the items you buy in these quality leathers with last forever! As the buffalo and calf leathers ages, the leather will soften a lot and the natural tones of the leather will darken slightly, making it even more beautiful than when the leather was new. Because these leather types are so thick and hardwearing they can be regularly polished using a neutral leather cream (we suggest a silicon based cream for the best effect), put a little bit of the neutral leather cream onto a clean, dry cloth and then gently massage it into the leather, this will remove any scratches and keep your leather looking beautiful. Be careful not to use any coloured leather creams, as the colour will not be absorbed into the leather and will eventually rub off the bag and onto clothes or anything else it comes into contact with.


Soft leather De Martino longchamp style shopping bag

Easily the most delicate leather, the lamb skin leather is very popular because it is so soft and lightweight. It is mainly used for ladies handbags and shopping style bags. As this leather is delicate we would definitely not suggest you use any strong products on it as they could easily damage and mark the leather, the best thing to use would be a neutral leather spray, a delicate one used regularly will still keep your beautiful soft leather bags looking great!


With a little love and care you can easily clean your Italian leather! We recommend to clean it regularly to have the best effect and keep the leather in the best condition and always neutral products with no colour in them!

Following these easy leather cleaning instructions you can keep your Italian leather looking beautiful for many years, simple as that!

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