This morning we interviewed a Mary's shop customer to understand why she shops at Mary's.

Good morning Bilkis, I hope you are well and I thank you for taking this time to answer a few of our questions. Good morning, it is a pleasure to answer your questions this morning.

So Bilkis, how did you first find Mary's shop? I first found Mary's shop when I was walking through the historical centre of Sorrento (where the Mary's shops are based)

How often would you say you go to Mary's shop? Hahahaha too often to count, next question please! (before my husband finds out how often I visit!)

So why do you keep going back to Mary's? The main thing that keeps drawing me back is the warm, welcoming staff and the amazing scent of the leather!

What are your favourite items? Handbags! I love them all! Every time I go in I have such a hard time deciding which one (or two) I want to buy.

Do you think Mary's shop has a good price quality ration? Yes definitely, great value for money!

Would you recommend shopping at Mary's to a friend? Absolutely, there is something for everyone! I'm always telling my friends about Mary's.

How is the customer service at Mary's shop? Second to none! That is one of the main reasons I keep going back (and the handbags of course!)

Thank you very much for all your great feedback Bilkis Patel, we hope you also enjoy our new website!

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